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Mr Fireholt
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this is for my daily use pc and I just ordered a new CPU intel i7 4930 update my build but was sure it should have worked right out of the box with my BIOS F20. and mother board x79 UD3 version 1.

I have to remove my CPU and test this only to have it unable to post or boot. it only powers on one second and powers off then four seconds powers up for ten seconds then powers off with the same power up two more times for ten seconds.

thanks in advanced.

X79 gigabyte UD3 version 1 BIOS version F20

Intel X79 3820 3.6 GHz

Gskill 2133 16GB 4x4 ripsaw red

SLI GTX 980 Strix/NVidia- 375 driver

Windows 7 64 full up dated


GA-X58A-UD3R2  C:60GB Windows Intel SSD  A:460GB-SG gamer drive  D2TB SG data drive   EVGA 680 SC 2GB   1980X1200 23"DELL 3D   8GB hyperX KS  Asus Essence STX

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