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Mr Fireholt
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Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within 72 hours. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

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Unable to enable Shadowplay


Response By Email (Kenny) (09/20/2016 08:48 AM)

Hello Guillermo,

With the reference to our telephonic conversation, here is the email.

Let's now try this as an advanced step of troubleshooting step and see if that helps.

GFE Advanced :

1. Uninstall GeForce Experience from programs and features. (You may use this advanced tool to uninstall if you are comfortable :

2. Create a new user account with admin rights :

3. Disable Anti-Virus/Firewall for the next 30 mins or so(until we finish installing everything) * Optional

4. Reboot the PC and login to the new user account

5. Reinstall GeForce Experience from :

6. Launch GeForce Experience and check it's functionality.


NVIDIA Customer Care

Chat By Chat (Kenny) (09/20/2016 08:37 AM)

[07:09:01 AM]Engagement Participant Entered

[07:09:19 AM]Guillermo Garcia: hi kenny

[07:09:40 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I made the mistake of deleting the old file for my last geforce experience drive, and like all new drivers I download from NVidia there is a problem I just need to redownload the old version of experience that was on my PC four days ago that is not outdate for my hardware to fix this bug that will not let me start shadowplay I don't have to to fix other problems with windows and other none problems with my pc just looking for the file to last version of none "version 3.0.5"

[07:14:16 AM]Kenny: Are you trying to enable Shadowplay?

[07:15:07 AM]Guillermo Garcia: no i can not enable iot tell i use the old driver to TURN ON SHADOWPLAY

[07:17:00 AM]Kenny: You can enable it by pressing Alt + Z. more details can be found from here :

[07:17:46 AM]Guillermo Garcia: so your not going to help me with the driver?none version 3.0.5

[07:18:28 AM]Kenny: Oh sorry

[07:18:40 AM]Kenny: I didn't quite understand the question about the driver.

[07:18:44 AM]Kenny: Please help me undestand.

[07:19:16 AM]Guillermo Garcia: Im sorry my English is borken I'll try my best

[07:19:30 AM]Kenny: Appreciate that

[07:20:14 AM]Guillermo Garcia: is it best if i like you to someone with the same problem Im having a hard time explain well

[07:20:21 AM]Guillermo Garcia: link*

[07:22:42 AM]Kenny: What is the OS (WinXP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)? (Also include if it is 32 or 64 bit architecture), model # of the graphics card and the current driver version?

[07:23:08 AM]Guillermo Garcia: Windows 7 64

[07:23:51 AM]Guillermo Garcia: 372.70 GTX 980 SLI

[07:26:33 AM]Kenny: Thanks

[07:26:41 AM]Kenny: May I know what is the issue you are facing?

[07:26:57 AM]Guillermo Garcia: here is my problem Im trying to explain the old Shadow play that needed you Enable it on screen like a power switch but if you not familiar with the icon to turn it on

[07:27:38 AM]Kenny: Do you mean to say that you are unable to enable Shadowplay?

[07:27:42 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I have uninstalled the OLD VERSION GFE none 3.0.5

[07:27:56 AM]Guillermo Garcia: with the siwtch Icon OFF

[07:28:29 AM]Guillermo Garcia: i need to enable this with the old version to ON

[07:29:14 AM]Kenny: Are you looking forward to get old version GFE?

[07:30:10 AM]Guillermo Garcia: only for this purpose I will not use after enabling Shadow play to on

[07:31:02 AM]Kenny: Guillermo, I'm really not able to understand what exactly you are looking for.

[07:31:06 AM]Kenny: Sorry for that

[07:31:37 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I wish i could find that post that expained it to me like Im explain ing it to you

[07:31:41 AM]Kenny: Do you mean to say that with the new GFE you are not able to enable Shadowplay?

[07:32:08 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes because i had it disable before uninstalling

[07:33:01 AM]Kenny: That doesn't matter

[07:33:07 AM]Kenny: Do you now have the latest GFE installed?

[07:33:13 AM]Kenny: Did you login to the GFE?

[07:33:28 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes it is none enabled

[07:34:33 AM]Kenny: Press Alt + Z

[07:35:27 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I wouldn't be here now if that 2.11 version of GFE IU found didn't give me error that my system specs where too low

[07:36:26 AM]Guillermo Garcia: and here is what the new error looks like now

[07:36:30 AM]Guillermo Garcia:

[07:37:11 AM]Kenny: Do you mean to say that the new GFE isn't detecting the GPU?

[07:37:25 AM]Guillermo Garcia: no

[07:37:53 AM]Kenny: Which language are you comfortable with?

[07:38:02 AM]Guillermo Garcia: the old version that I was trying to get a fix with had this problem not anything I had before that

[07:38:16 AM]Guillermo Garcia: Voice

[07:38:24 AM]Kenny: Sorry?

[07:39:13 AM]Guillermo Garcia: IM trying my best very none education

[07:39:48 AM]Kenny: May I know where are you from?

[07:40:16 AM]Guillermo Garcia: illiterate

[07:40:38 AM]Kenny: Which country are you from?

[07:40:44 AM]Guillermo Garcia: US

[07:41:15 AM]Kenny: Which is your language? Like Spanish, German etc.

[07:41:39 AM]Guillermo Garcia: English is my first language

[07:41:51 AM]Kenny: okay

[07:42:04 AM]Kenny: Would you like to talk to one of our engineers over the phone?

[07:42:38 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I dont know if this problem can be fixed over the phone

[07:42:56 AM]Kenny: I'm still trying to understand the real problem you are facing.

[07:43:17 AM]Kenny: So you have GFE 3.0

[07:43:30 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I was a lil upset that was abit difficult with with your instructions earlier

[07:43:36 AM]Kenny: Kindly answer my questions yes / No so that I can try to track the details.

[07:43:46 AM]Kenny: Are you experiencing issues with the Shadowplay? Yes / No.

[07:43:56 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes]

[07:44:12 AM]Kenny: Are you able to enable Shadowplay using the latest GFE 3?

[07:44:18 AM]Guillermo Garcia: no

[07:44:45 AM]Kenny: Did you try to enable Share overlay by pressing Alt + Z?

[07:45:25 AM]Guillermo Garcia: there is no way to understand what is on or off is green on of off?

[07:46:26 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes enabling share is none feature

[07:50:07 AM]Kenny: Did you try to reinstall GFE?

[07:50:07 AM]Guillermo Garcia: can i link you a screen cap of it

[07:50:16 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes

[07:50:56 AM]Kenny: Okay

[07:51:54 AM]Guillermo Garcia: i don't understand why you keep calling it share I have only heard it called that here and on that post

[07:52:07 AM]Kenny: okay then Shadowplay

[07:54:40 AM]Kenny: Can I take the remote control of your PC?

[07:54:49 AM]Kenny: So that I can get a better idea of the issue.

[07:54:59 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes

[07:55:24 AM]Guillermo Garcia: but the problem is with shadowplaying in games?

[07:55:46 AM]Guillermo Garcia: try it

[07:56:17 AM]Kenny:

[07:56:25 AM]Kenny: Please click on it and install the software.

[07:56:52 AM]Kenny: You can allow when it asks.

[07:57:15 AM]Guillermo Garcia: one sec

[07:57:26 AM]Kenny: ok

[08:28:08 AM]Agent Absent

Chat By Chat (Kenny) (09/20/2016 03:57 AM)

[03:30:35 AM]Hi, my name is Kenny. How may I help you?

[03:31:43 AM]Guillermo garcia: hi was was here a few minutes ago but the tech just left i don't know if his aware that my problem was unresolved

[03:32:10 AM]Kenny: Sorry to hear that

[03:32:22 AM]Kenny: Isn't Shadowplay still working?

[03:33:50 AM]Guillermo garcia: no i had the old version working fine but i had to turn it on and off as to not keep it running when i wasn't in use but that may have bugged it after it installing the GFE 3 in offstate

[03:34:38 AM]Kenny: So now what's the status of Shadowplay in GFE 3?

[03:35:27 AM]Guillermo garcia: no change with the fixes applied tonight still not able to record with Shadowplay

[03:37:40 AM]Kenny: Sorry to hear that

[03:37:52 AM]Kenny: What exactly is happening when you try to record using Share Overlay?

[03:38:24 AM]Guillermo garcia: I launch my game and see a logo for GFE 3 new one

[03:39:14 AM]Guillermo garcia: i can use options and take screenshots but the record with SP not activating

[03:39:56 AM]Kenny: I see

[03:40:00 AM]Kenny: have you tried to reinstall GFE?

[03:40:15 AM]Guillermo garcia: a few times already yes

[03:41:52 AM]Kenny: Did you also try reinstalling the graphics driver?

[03:42:37 AM]Guillermo garcia: yes I normally don't keep to the newest but being as this problem forcing me to

[03:43:00 AM]Kenny: I'm anxious to know why aren't you using the newest graphics drivers.

[03:44:00 AM]Guillermo garcia: i had a few problems like really bad textures ingames and black boxes that where only fixed with outddated drivers

[03:44:30 AM]Kenny: Okay

[03:44:38 AM]Kenny: Could you check for the pending windows updates and install all of them?

[03:45:27 AM]Guillermo garcia: only see one update for securty

[03:46:13 AM]Kenny: Okay

[03:46:27 AM]Kenny: We may then need to try creating a new user account and test GFE there

[03:46:31 AM]Kenny: Which is the OS?

[03:46:41 AM]Guillermo garcia: Windows 7 64

[03:48:37 AM]Kenny: As a final try let's do this now

[03:48:42 AM]Guillermo garcia: ok

[03:48:45 AM]Kenny: GFE Advanced : 1. Uninstall GeForce Experience from programs and features. (You may use this advanced tool to uninstall if you are comfortable : 2. Create a new user account with admin rights : 3. Disable Anti-Virus/Firewall for the next 30 mins or so(until we finish installing everything) * Optional 4. Reboot the PC and login to the new user account 5. Reinstall GeForce Experience from : 6. Launch GeForce Experience and check it's functionality.

[03:52:02 AM]Guillermo garcia: Im not really confident using this as it may lock my out of windows

[03:52:41 AM]Kenny: Which step are you concerned about?

[03:53:04 AM]Guillermo garcia: #2

[03:53:19 AM]Guillermo garcia: mcc manager

[03:53:33 AM]Kenny: What will happen if you create a new user account in your PC if I may ask?

[03:54:08 AM]Guillermo garcia: not sure just seem extreme to make a new user?

[03:54:25 AM]Kenny: Creating a new user account will not harm your PC

[03:55:16 AM]Guillermo garcia: is there a way around the tech heavy software

[03:56:14 AM]Kenny: I didn't get you

[03:56:34 AM]Guillermo garcia: thats ok then i just leave broken like it is

[03:56:50 AM]Guillermo garcia: sorry to take your time

[03:56:53 AM]'Guillermo garcia' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').

Chat By Chat (Sanjib) (09/20/2016 02:57 AM)

[01:58:03 AM]Hi, my name is Sanjib. How may I help you?

[01:58:30 AM]Guillermo Garcia: hello good morning!

[01:59:49 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I been having issues with the new updated GFE 3 not letting my use shadowplay for recording and i was unable to use an older version dude to it not detecting my hardware

[02:00:24 AM]Sanjib: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you., let me know, which graphics card and operating system are you using?

[02:00:40 AM]Guillermo Garcia: GTX 980 in SLi

[02:01:01 AM]Guillermo Garcia: Windows 7 64

[02:02:55 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I just came up with the solution I thinking it has something to do with my overclock on my CPU could that be as to why it not detecting my hardware?

[02:04:19 AM]Guillermo Garcia: i shows my hardware just above in a box but still says i don't meet requirements at the bottom

[02:05:23 AM]Sanjib: Could you send me a screenshot of that?

[02:05:49 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I have to install the outdated GFE 2.1

[02:06:19 AM]Guillermo Garcia: i don't have one installed atm

[02:06:39 AM]Sanjib:

[02:06:45 AM]Sanjib: You can install the latest one.

[02:07:44 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I was reading how to get the working but then ran into this new problem of it not detecting my hardware

[02:09:24 AM]Sanjib: Old experience will not work with new hardwares

[02:09:31 AM]Sanjib: You will have to install the latest version

[02:09:42 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes 3.05

[02:10:06 AM]Sanjib: Have you installed it now?

[02:10:16 AM]Guillermo Garcia: it working now

[02:11:13 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok im in

[02:12:19 AM]Sanjib: Send me the screenshot of the settings page

[02:15:03 AM]Sanjib: Okay, so it is detecting fine now.

[02:16:11 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes i load games and i see the logo on the screen Alt +Z but it's not recording

[02:17:15 AM]Guillermo Garcia: detecting was only a problem to get the older version working but your saying that not an option now

[02:18:35 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I read on a post if i used the old 2.1 version i could go back and turn the shadow play switch back on and uninstall and reinstall GFE 3

[02:19:07 AM]Sanjib: What happens when you try to record?

[02:19:12 AM]Sanjib: Do you get any error message?

[02:19:23 AM]Guillermo Garcia: i get on response

[02:19:38 AM]Guillermo Garcia: nothing happened

[02:20:24 AM]Guillermo Garcia: I can get the logo on screen ALT+Z and i can open options but the shadowplay record dose nothing

[02:21:48 AM]Sanjib: There are two options, instant replay and Record.

[02:22:09 AM]Sanjib: Please start the Instant replay, and send me a screenshot of that page

[02:22:26 AM]Guillermo Garcia: not sure what instant replay does because i never used that

[02:22:54 AM]Guillermo Garcia: same I tried that and I have not seen a save file

[02:26:39 AM]Sanjib: Send me a screenshot of the GeForce experience-->home

[02:26:42 AM]Sanjib: and Alt+Z

[02:27:36 AM]Guillermo Garcia: where does it save file from screen shots

[02:27:58 AM]Sanjib: In your gallery

[02:28:24 AM]Sanjib: If you are using Windows 10, go to "My PC" and pictures

[02:30:48 AM]Guillermo Garcia: not seeing the screen caps

[02:31:15 AM]Guillermo Garcia: or a file because i was taking somealready

[02:31:28 AM]Guillermo Garcia: Windows 7

[02:31:39 AM]Guillermo Garcia: but i don't see them here

[02:32:21 AM]Sanjib: Okay, will be able to take the screenshots

[02:32:26 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok now i see them but only in GFE ingame

[02:32:44 AM]Guillermo Garcia: not sure where that file is

[02:35:40 AM]Sanjib: You mean you tool this screenshot using geForce experience?

[02:36:23 AM]Guillermo Garcia: that is from GFE 3 yes but the shadow play not working

[02:36:55 AM]Sanjib: 1. Bring up the Windows Search option. 2. Type in "msconfig.exe" (without the quotes) and hit ENTER. This should bring up the System Configuration window. 3. Click "Selective startup" option. 4. Uncheck "Load startup items" 5. Click the "Services" tab 6. Check the "Hide all Microsoft services" box 7. Click Disable all 8. Now re-enable only the NVIDIA services 9. Click OK 10. Restart Windows 11. Once back in Windows try to uninstall and reinstall GeForce Experience again.

[02:37:48 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok uninstalling

[02:38:56 AM]Guillermo Garcia: Im in the GFE file but there is no uninstall EXE

[02:40:39 AM]Guillermo Garcia: successfully removed

[02:42:01 AM]Sanjib: Are you following the steps I gave you?

[02:42:18 AM]Guillermo Garcia: yes it was uninstalled

[02:42:33 AM]Guillermo Garcia: wait I didn't see anything new?

[02:42:59 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok i didnt see that new info

[02:46:20 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok i have to restart now?

[02:48:30 AM]Sanjib: Yes, correct

[02:49:15 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok back

[02:49:49 AM]Sanjib: Okay.

[02:51:03 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok reinstalling GFE 3

[02:52:49 AM]Sanjib: Okay.

[02:52:56 AM]Guillermo Garcia: ok back now loaded in to GFE 3

[02:53:48 AM]Sanjib: Okay,

[02:57:00 AM]'Guillermo Garcia' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent').

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